The history/ The conversion

The history

It would be impossible to go into every pillars. Heinrich Heine in his day admired Hanse a ticculinary feasts: „Hamburg is the bestRepublic, its food heavenly”.

In the last two years of his life Otto von Bismarck von Friedrichsruh was often to be seen in the„Ratsweinkeller“ to sweeten up his breakfast with a bottle of champagne. He loved farm duck.

The „Ratsweinkeller“ offered him the tastie stand that is the very dish that is now on the menu again: in „Parlament“.

The conversion

The conversion work lasted three months. The new concept was implemented together with Sprinkenhof AG, that financed the structural measures with a sumof 500,000 Euros. A further 1.3 million Euros were necessary to let everything shine in the new light. Many things have also stayed as they were.

The room „Rose“ was completely preserved. The kitchen, in contrast, is probably the most modern in the Hanse aticcity and is at the heart
of “Parlament” with all other technical equipment.